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Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, you can call 513-831-3131 to set up your credit card for automatic billing or use it as a one time feature.

We accept Visa, MC, and Discover



What kind of insurance do you offer?

We sell all lines of insurance: Auto, Home, Commercial, Boat, Motorcycle, Life, and Long Term Care



Is my child’s property (including his computer hardware) covered while he is away at college?

Yes. As long as your child is still a resident of your home, 10% of your contents coverage extends. Also, please remember, losses are subject to your deductible.

 I have a swimming pool.  Is it covered?

Yes. This would be covered by your homeowner policy under your “other structures” limit.


I have jewelry.  Is it covered by my homeowner’s policy?

You will need to discuss this with your account representative.  Jewelry coverage is limited.  You may want to schedule any additional jewelry.



What do I do if I have an automobile accident?

Consult the auto ID card in your glove compartment; then contact your Account Representative immediately.


Should I contact the police and report this accident?

Yes. Anytime you are involved in an auto accident, whether you are at fault or not, the authorities should be contacted.


I have been in an accident.  Do I need to get an estimate?

Yes. Please get an estimate to get the process started. Use a shop of your preference.


Will my auto policy cover a cracked windshield?

You would need to check with your account representative.  A cracked windshield is only covered if you carry  “other than collision” coverage on that vehicle.


How do drivers on my policy affect my rate?

Drivers with better driving records are likely to get better rates.  Inexperienced drivers, or those with accidents or violations, typically pay more.  Mature drivers with good driving records are most likely to get the better rates. Because the accident rate for people under age 25 is the highest of any other age group, young drivers with limited driving history usually pay more.




How much liability insurance does my business need?

There are many forms of Liability Insurance. Click here to use our Business Insurance Checklist and then discuss options with your Account Representative.


 What is Employment Practices Insurance?  Should I have it?

Employment Practices Insurances or “EPLI” can protect your business against employee lawsuits. Many EPLI policies include defense cost within their limit of liability. For most businesses available limits of liability begin at $100,000 up to $1,000,000 with deductible ranging from $5,000 to $25,000.









General Information and Questions

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